Número11 - Wearable Art

Número11 is a fashion accessories brand that uses photography as a way of expression. We create limited collections of exclusive products for a sophisticated user that appreciates high quality, originality and art.

Our scarves are memories of journeys around the world, from the colors of southern Patagonia to the palm trees of Middle East. We want you to wear the scent of these memories, the beauty we found in them, so you can spread the allure wherever you go.

Numero11 started in 2010 in Argentina, created by Lucrecia César and Sergio Miranda, two nomadic friends. It has continued developing over the years in different countries like Panama, Bahrain, Spain and will likely extend on in different venues in the future.

Our scarves are made by two 'ones', because we believe that 1+1 is not 2, but a Master Number; an open window through which you see a story, a dream about a beautiful world; a reflection of our spirit through our images, a feeling you can touch and wear.

The scarves are printed one by one with eco-friendly recyclable inks on 100% pure silk. They are made under strict control, with the best quality available. We personally go through the entire process of production from capturing the moment to developing our own packaging. We use silk from China because the process of making silk was invented there more than 4,000 years ago and Chinese silk has a wonderful history. There are still a great number of talented artisans weaving silk by hand in China and we have carefully selected our source materials to ensure that only the best quality silk is used for our products.

You will only find 11 copies of each scarf for each material, which makes 22 per photo. This intentionally limited production assures the exclusivity of our products.

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