Artist / Photographer / Yogi

I am a Photographer, Producer and Photoshop Artist. 

My work focuses on Advertising, Fashion and Portraiture photography; and creating images full of stories with people performing the most diverse roles is what inspires me.

I’ve been creating images for the most renowned ad agencies and brands, in Middle East and Argentina for the past 15 years. This had me constantly trying to improve the quality of the images I create, and is for this reason that I continuously study new techniques, technologies and ideas. And I participate in every detail of the creation of my images, from the initial brainstorming meetings to the production, shooting and post-production of the final results.

On a more personal note, I continuously work on a career as Yoga practitioner, after studying in India and Bahrain; I have a passion for music which I express through Dj sessions and –whenever I have the chance– I travel around the world taking Photography, Yoga and Music, together with me. 

I also create a series of images and stories for my personal rejoice and put them in a blog that I call Images of Life.

Some Clients

Toyota Bahrain / Hempel Middle East / Hala Kaiksow / Gulf Photo Plus Dubai / Heineken Argentina / Mercedes Benz Dubai / Forsters Dubai Gillette Argentina / Optica Bahrain / AMEX Bahrain    VIVA Bahrain / Mena Telecom Bahrain / TheMakeupManual Bahrain/ FourSeasons Bahrain / Movenpick Bahrain / Gastro Bus Bahrain CostaCoffee Bahrain / Food & Travel Arabia / AlAbraaj Bahrain / Mirai Bahrain / Akiko Bahrain / JWT Dubai / JWT Bahrain / SeefMall, Bahrain  City Center Mall Bahrain / Lowe Dubai / Memac Ogilvy Y&R Bahrain    W-Studio Dubai / AlZain Jewellers / Haraka OHLALA Magazine, Bahrain  Arabian Motors Magazine, Bahrain / Sukar Magazine, Kuwait  Khaleejesque, Kuwait / among others.